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CAPD•613 HD Lace Wig Full Frontal 13X4 Straight

613 Wig

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Transform your look with the CAPD 613 Wig. Crafted from high-quality 613 blonde hair, this wig offers a glamorous and versatile style option. Whether you're looking for a bold new look or experimenting with different hairstyles, our 613 wig is the perfect choice. With its natural-looking texture and comfortable fit, it's ideal for everyday wear or special occasions. Say goodbye to boring hair days and hello to effortless glamour with the CAPD 613 Wig.

Product Details

Hair Material 100% Raw Hair 
Density 150%
Lace Size 13x4 inches Lace
Last For More than one year
Hair Color #613 Blonde
Hairline Pre-plucked
 Dye Yes
Straps Adjustable
Cap Size 22.5 inches,Standard Medium
Lace Top Swiss HD Lace



Key Benefits

Say Hello to Effortless Glamour with Our #613 Blonde Wig!

Style Savior: Tired of endless bleaching sessions damaging your locks? Our 613 Blonde Wig solves the need for hours in the salon chair, offering you that luscious blonde mane without the commitment or harm to your natural hair.

Glamorous Transformation:Elevate your style game! Instantly transform your look, switch up your vibe, and unleash your inner diva with this stunning, versatile wig. Embrace the freedom to experiment with a vibrant, head-turning blonde hue without the long-term commitment.

The Blonde 613 Edge: Quality, darling! Crafted with precision, our 13x4 Full Frontal Lace Wig embodies luxury, ensuring a seamless, natural look from hairline to nape. Say goodbye to tell-tale signs of a wig; ours blends flawlessly, fooling even the keenest eyes.


How to Use:

  1. Prep Your Natural Hair: Ensure your hair is neatly braided or pinned flat against your scalp to create a smooth base for the wig application.
  2. Wig Cap Application: Wear a wig cap that closely matches your skin tone to create a barrier between your scalp and the wig.
  3. Positioning the Wig: Gently put on the wig starting from the front, adjusting the positioning along your natural hairline. Ensure the lace front sits snugly against your skin for a natural look.
  4. Secure Placement: Use the adjustable straps or clips inside the wig to secure it firmly without being too tight, ensuring comfort and a natural appearance.

Caring for Your Wig:

  1. Regular Washing: Use a mild shampoo specifically designed for wigs or gentle, sulfate-free shampoos to clean the wig. Gently comb out any tangles before washing.
  2. Conditioning: Apply a wig conditioner or a small amount of leave-in conditioner to keep the hair soft and manageable.
  3. Air Drying: After washing, let the wig air dry on a wig stand or a flat surface to maintain its shape and texture. Avoid using heat styling tools on wet wig hair.
  4. Storage: Store the wig in a wig bag or in a silk or satin bag when not in use to prevent tangling and maintain its quality.
  5. Avoid Heat: Minimize heat exposure; if styling is necessary, use low heat settings on styling tools to prevent damage to the synthetic or human hair fibers.
  6. Avoid Friction: Be gentle when handling the wig to prevent tangling and minimize friction that might cause hair breakage.

Following these care instructions will help maintain the quality and longevity of your Blonde 613 Full Frontal Lace Wig, ensuring it stays stunning and wearable for a longer period.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Truly an amazing wig! The quality of the hair and lace are amazing. CAPD hair never disappoints!


Love this wig.


I absolutely love this hair Lace where I get so many compliments.


This hair is absolutely beautiful, this is my first time trying 613 hair and I will definitely be purchasing and recommending again. The hair is very full, and doesn't shed. The lace great quality and is very transparent, so it's good for all skin tones. This hair doesn't smell at all, and it is very soft. It is definitely worth the money.

Theee Best!!!

parting is amazing, the lace is great, barely see the knots, the hair is beautiful! all around amazing!