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CAPD • Extreme Hold Lace Glue -150ml

Lace Glue, Lace Wig Glue

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Get More for Less and Save with Jumbo-Sized Lace Glue!


  • Waterproof & Extreme Firm Hold
  • Get more Extended Usage
  • Quick Dry & Invisible Bonding Wig Adhesive
  •  Non-toxic, Latex-Free, Cruelty Free
  • Suitable For Poly & Lace Hair Systems


      Banish wig slippage and wig worries with our 150ml Extreme Firm Hold Lace Wig Glue! This larger-than-life solution offers an enduring grip, ensuring your wig stays put through any style or activity. Embrace confident styling with an extended hold that keeps you worry-free, regardless of your day's agenda. Join the wig-wearing elite and lock in your style flawlessly!


      Key Benefits

      ★ Invisible Bonding for Poly & Lace Systems: Our lace glue is safe for both poly and lace hair replacement systems, creating an invisible bond for a natural look.

      Extra Firm Hold : Enjoy a secure wig hairstyle for 2-3 weeks up to a month without worries. Easy removal with the matching glue remover.

      Extended Usage: More applications and prolonged use due to the larger volume.

      Quick Dry & Transparent: Transparent and quick-drying formula saves time, making it beginner-friendly.

      Waterproof and Oil Resistant: Super waterproof for oily or sweaty skins with multiple layers, providing reliable adhesion during various activities..

      Healthy and Skin-friendly: Mild ingredients, latex-free, and free from harsh chemicals ensure safety and high-quality performance without harming the skin or hair. Wig confidently with our skin-friendly glue!

      150 ml | For Poly & Lace Systems, Lace Wig ,Lace Frontal and Closures | Professional Size & Beginner Friendly


      How to Apply & Removal Lace Wig Glue:

      Sensitivity Test: ★ Always perform a patch test before the initial use. Discontinue use if cause irritation

      Prepare Your Skin: ★ Cleansing thoroughly removes oils and residues for better adhesion.

      Skin Protector (Aloe Skin Protect): ★ Create a barrier between skin and glue for protection and easier removal. Follow instructions for optimal results.

      Apply the Glue: ★ Use a thin, even line along the hairline to prevent a bulky appearance. Spread evenly with a disposable applicator. Up to Max 5-7 layers for excessive sweating or water activity

      Wait for Tackiness: ★ Allow the glue to dry until tacky for a stronger bond during lace attachment.

      Position the Lace: ★ Gently place the lace onto your skin, starting in front of the hairline. Smooth out wrinkles, aligning with your natural hairline.

      Secure the Lace: ★ Press firmly along the hairline using fingers or a comb. Avoid excessive pulling to prevent lifting.

      Dry Completely: ★ Follow manufacturer's instructions without disturbing the lace.

      Style as Desired: ★ Once dry, style your hair as desired, taking care around the hairline.

      Removal: ★ Use a lace adhesive solvent to dissolve the glue gently. Apply along the hairline, lift the lace gently, and avoid pulling.

      Allow 24-48 Hours Before Getting Wet: ★ Give the glue time to set before exposing it to water.

      Follow the manufacturer's instructions for the best results.

      We are not held responsible for any allergic reactions.

      MONITOR DELIVERY DURING WINTER MONTHS: If left in the cold (mailbox) for an extended time, the glue may oxidize and solidify. We're not responsible for damage caused by glue left in the cold.


      Poly acrylic acid ester, Water, Nonionic Surfactant

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      The Baddest Wigs
      The BEST!

      Oily or sweaty skin? NO PROBLEM!!!! This glue will last through vigorous physical activities and it can also withstand extremely hot and humid weather conditions for WEEKS. The formula also dries down quickly and crystal clear for the most flawless installs. Best lace glue on the market by far 🔥