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CAPD • Extreme Hold Wig Glue Pen

Wig Glue

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Secure your lace with precision using CAPD Extreme Hold Wig Glue Pen. This convenient wig glue pen applicator provides mess-free application, CAPD Extreme Hold Wig Glue Pen ensure an extreme hold for your lace wigs, lace frontal and lace closure. CAPD Extreme Hold Wig Glue Pen perfect for touch-ups on the go, it dries clear and offers long-lasting hold. 

On-the-Go Confidence: Secure Precision Lace Glue Pen!


  • Extreme Firm Hold & Travel Size
  • Quick Dry & Waterproof
  • No harsh Chemicals, Non-toxic and Latex-Free
  • Suitable For Poly & Lace Hair Systems


    Key Benefits

    Worry-Free Comfort:Our lace wig adhesive ensures worry-free comfort for weeks, securing your wig down with a mega-strength hold that lasts all day, all week!

    Natural Blending:Experience a flawless, natural look with our unique invisible bonding. Our glue helps hide your hairline, creating a seamless blend for your lace wig that's second to none.

    Extreme Firm Hold:No more compromises between strength and affordability! Our Extreme Firm Hold guarantees a finish that lasts, letting you go about your day without wig worries.

    Quick Dry Magic:Apply white, dry clear! Our lace wig adhesive ensures a quick dry for natural, seamless application, allowing you to slay your look without the wait.

    Silicon Tip Perfection:The durable silicon tip ensures even application without absorbing the glue. Say goodbye to mess and hello to easy, non-abrasive application for the perfect finish.

    Cruelty-Free Confidence: Slay consciously! Our latex-free, and cruelty-free formula lets you rock your wig with confidence, knowing you're making a cruelty-free choice.

    ★ Versatile Styling Base: Allows versatile hair styling after application, providing a secure foundation.

    ★ Effortless Removal: Gentle removal process with our CAPD Lace Glue Remover for a hassle-free change of style.

    5 ml | For lace wigs, lace closure and lace frontal


    How to Use

    1. Sensitivity Test: Perform a patch test behind the ear to check for allergies. If irritation occurs after 24 hours, avoid use.
    2. Prepare Skin: Clean and dry your forehead thoroughly, removing oils, dirt, and residue.
    3. Apply Skin Protector: Use a skin protector like Aloe Skin Protect as a barrier between skin and glue. Follow product instructions and let it dry.
    4. Apply Glue: Create a thin line along the hairline or lace perimeter. Apply up to 5-7 layers for extended hold.
    5. Wait for Tackiness: Let the glue dry until tacky for a stronger bond.
    6. Position and Secure Lace: Gently place lace onto the forehead, aligning it with the natural hairline. Press firmly to secure, avoiding excessive tugging.
    7. Allow Glue to Dry: Follow manufacturer's instructions (typically 15-30 minutes) for the glue to set. Hairstyle can last up to 4-6 weeks.
    8. Style Hair with Caution: Style hair as desired, avoiding the hairline.
    9. Removal: Use lace adhesive solvent to gently lift lace without pulling or ripping.
    10. Post-Application: Avoid getting wet for 24-48 hours. Follow specific product instructions for optimal results and to maintain natural hair health.

    Follow the manufacturer's instructions for the best results. Please discontinue use if cause irritation. We are not held responsible for any allergic reactions.

    MONITOR DELIVERY DURING WINTER MONTHS: If left in the cold (mailbox) for an extended time, the glue may oxidize and solidify. We're not responsible for damage caused by glue left in the cold.


    Poly acrylic acid ester, Water, Nonionic Surfactant

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    The best touch up lace glue !

    This is the best touch up lace glue. I originally brought it to ONLY use it as a touch up . I sweat a lot and needed something compact to carry around to do any on the go touch ups when I'm out and my lace starts slightly lifting.

    Get it !!

    Had my wig on for a week now. Has not moved!!!

    It fits conveniently in any bag

    It fits conveniently in any bag I want to carry and is great for emergency situations where you may have partied a little too hard and your wig is slipping. It's an immediate, long lasting hold.

    Get It worth it !

    The glue does not leave any shinny residue. I will be sticking with this lace glue for my wig touch up.

    Worth it

    Worth every penny...Would totally recommend.